Question No display and keyboard and mouse don't work, but does every now and then.


Nov 17, 2019
A few days ago my computer showed no display to the monitor, and the keyboard and mouse did not light up. I restarted the PC and everything was fine. Now, the same thing happens, but after trying to restart is a bunch of times it worked, throwing me to the ASUS BIOS with a message claiming "overclock failed!". I have never overclocked my CPU so I don't know why it said that. After restarting a few more times, the computer turned on normally except it did not see that there was a wifi card in the PCIe slot, the same one that is screwed in and has been there for 5 years. I plugged in my phone to give it ethernet and tried to install drivers for a wifi dongle, but the speed was so slow that it could not perform windows update, even though the speedtest on my phone was like 40mbps. After trying to restart, it went back to not showing anything on the screen and has been the same since.