Question No display and usb not working

Mar 6, 2023
Hi there,
Im sorry i am a complete newbie. So, i built my new pc yesterday and now i have some issues with it. Here are all the components:
Mb asus b560m
Cpu i3 10105
Psu thermaltake smart rgb 600w
Gpu gtx 970 oc
500gb ssd
1tb hdd
Some old ddr4 ram i had, not from a big

my problems are, that when i boot the system, there is no display and none of the usb ports are working. My gpu fans turn on but after about 10seconds they turn off. The fans and cpu cooler all light up and spin normally. I have tried to install and reinstall the ram also as a single stick, still wont work. Every part is new except the ram, gpu and the psu. Although i have never had this particular ram in use. I have plugged everything in and out again. Also, i cant find the qleds on this board to help troubleshoot.
thank u for helping