Question No display, apparently caused by RAM issues ?

Nov 20, 2022
Hello everyone!
1)I bought a new case and moved my all my hardware into it ,but when i powered on my pc and it read "no signal" on my monitor . I checked my GPU,Monitor,HDMI and they all work fine , but when i removed one ram stick (4 gb) i managed to get my pc running . Then , i placed the other stick( 8 gb ) in the slot that the 4gb stick used to be in and i got the no signal error again . So, i think it might be that the slot is faulty or something , but it used to work fine before getting the new case.

2)This case(Coolermaster mb320l) has some RGB lighting , but i don't know where to plug the has these gigabyte and asus,msi,asrock wires and my mb(h510 gigabyte) doesn't seem to have rgb connectors,but it does have a Led_c connector.

Thank you for your attention


my specs are as follows:
h510 mb
12gb ram
i5 11400F
1050 ti


Apr 6, 2017
1. It's generally not a good idea to mix RAM sticks (4+8) you should get a kit so the RAM matches. Bad RAM will for sure cause a failure to output video. That said, if it was working, changing the case shouldn't make a difference. Could very well have been some damage when rebuilding, a single known good stick should work in any slot unless your MB is very picky which is kinda rare these days.

2. As far as the lighting is concerned, if the case didn't come with its own controller then your MB would need to have the correct connector, higher end MBs have multiple connectors of different types, your MB only has 12v RGB, where as the case appears to use ARGB and the 2 are not compatible. You will have to use the controller if the case came with one, or buy a controller if it didn't come with it. If you don't but the one made for the case then you have to make sure the controller you do get is compatible with the lights and get one that either has a dedicated switch, or a usb connector. If you go with the USB option you can control it with the software of the controller, otherwise you will be stuck to using a remote or button on the case if it has one. Probably best to just get the controller meant for the case.