No display, but everything else turns on


Jan 5, 2006
Last night everything was working perfectly fine with my computer. Every hardware piece is brand new. I tried to install windows xp, but found out my cd was scratched up after hearing some shaking noises inside of my dvd rom. After that, I took the cd out and my computer was still working fine. I managed to create a backup of the xp cd on another computer, and this morning when i try to turn my computer on, everything runs (fans, motherboard, hd), but i get no post screen or anything. No display on the monitor. It seems like a run into problems one after another. help?
Slaving in a new, known good PS is fairly quick, as is resetting the CMOS on the mb...

Disconnect all the hard drive/CD ROM power cables, use only a single stick of RAM, one at a time, and see if you can then even get into the BIOS...

Much beyond that, and you will need to remove the MB/CPU onto a piece of plastic to ensure there are no shorts with the case///

Good luck