Question No display from PCIe GPU , no onboard graphics to test ?

Nov 25, 2021
I got a PC from my brother but it got hurt on the flight over.

I replaced the mobo and the PSU and have an additional CPU for testing but do not have an extra GPU to test and I don't have money to replace the GPU atm.

The system powers up and everything runs but there is no display, the GPU fan spins slowly and stops and starts again.

My system is as follows:

16GB DDR 3 ram
970A-G46 mobo
AMD CPU (Not sure which one - it's a "black" edition
700W EVGA PSU brand new
Windforce R9280x OC GPU
1 tb HDD

The mobo doesn't have onboard display outputs to test.

Some extra info, the GPU does heat up slightly to touch, so it works to some degree
There is a small white switch on the GPU, not sure what it is.

I have performed the following:
Reset CMOS by removing battery for 10 minutes
Tested all combinations of ram in all slots, removed ram and startup and got Beeps for no ram
Tested with and without HDD, tested with multiple mobos and cpus
Tested both PCI slots
Cleaned PCI slots

I also don't have a VGA cable or input on my monitor to test the port, the HDMI cable and port on the monitor do work

I thought it might be a driver issue but read up and seems that isnt relevant

I think it might be the GPU that has gone, if there is a way to fix or confirm it without getting another GPU please let me know
Nov 25, 2021
Since you replaced the PSU, did you remember to connect the appropriate 6-pin and/or 8-pin power cables to the corresponding connectors on the graphics card ?
Yes I believe I did, I double checked the power connectors. The GPU fans spin and then stop. I wanted to flash the bios with the newest bios but I cant without display, there is no flash bios button on the mobo.