Question No display image or OSD

Aug 10, 2020
Hello all,

I've read through several forums and all I could find on topics with similar description were dead threads where the OP stopped responding, so this is sort of a last resort.

The problem:
I was just playing games when all of a sudden the monitor stopped giving an image. So there was still signal coming from the PC but the monitor failed to show image, the monitor just shows back light and nothing else, even the OSD or the menus from the monitor itself don't seem to work, this is why I am thinking it is a monitor specific issue and I haven't done any GPU driver related troubleshooting.

It concerns the Samsung LC27FG73. I was using the display port connected to a RTX 2070S. It is worthy to note that my second monitor has no problems at all.

Things I've tried:
  • Checked for loose hardware
  • Turned the monitor off and back on again through the power button
  • Tried all different inputs
  • Tried all different inputs with a different system
  • Turning the monitor on with nothing but the power cable connected
  • Resetting the monitor by holding the power button for an extended period of time when power is disconnected
  • Different cables
I was hoping someone is familiar with this problem or might have other things that I could still try

Thanks in advance!