No display on computer, computer restarting, no post beeps, tried everything on checklist


Aug 25, 2013
My computer was working fine a couple days ago. I was playing video games on it, I shut it down properly, it wasn't left running, etc. The only thing I think of that I could have done is browsed some questionable websites (I didn't download anything, but clicked through them briefly). I shut my computer down, and when I came back from school the next day I tried turning it on but there was no display. The computer would turn on, all of the LEDs would light up, but after 10-20 seconds it restarts. All of the peripherals seem to light up except for some reason my keyboard won't respond when I try to turn on the LEDs using the function key.

I first tried swapping out known good monitors and tried a couple different cables, both DVI and VGA and none of them worked. I tried resetting CMOS, taking out my graphics card, and plugging it into my onboard graphics port but that didn't work either. I tried reseating the motherboard power connectors and that didn't work. I turned it on, let it restart, and then left it running all day to see if it would turn off on its own or anything, but it didn't it stayed on. I plugged in a motherboard speaker and I got no post beeps. I tried swapping the memory into different channels and booting with only 1 stick of RAM, and that didn't work either. I then removed the memory and booted it, and only then did I get POST error beeps.

Is there anything that I can try to fix this? Is this a MOBO problem or what? If the motherboard was dead, wouldn't I get no POST beeps at all and wouldn't the other components not be functioning?

EDIT: Forgot to include specs


Western digital black 1TB hard drive

Samsung 120 gb ssd

i5 3570k

Nvidia GTX770

EVGA 600W psu
Try leaving only 24 and 8 pin power cables connected, CPU and CPU fan installed, single RAM module inserted. Disconnect all other components/fans /wires.
Connect the monitor and start the board by shortly touching with a screwdriver the 2 pins on the motherboard corresponding to the case power button. See if the CPU fan is spinning without restarting and if getting signal on the monitor. Test each RAM slot and RAM module.