Question No display on gpu but has display on intel hd.PLEASE HELP!!!


Jul 11, 2018
Yesterday i played assassin creed origins for 2 hours and turned off successfully without no problem.I only shutdown doesnt turn off power circuit.After 30min i again turned on the pc but pc display boot to intel hd 2000 not to gpu.Tried multiple times.So i thought it just loose connection i cleaned all cables,port and connected again but still it boots to intel hd 2000 when i select hdmi cable connected to gpu monitor tells no signal.I got a monitor with 1vga and 2 hdmi.i even tried reset bios,disabled intel hd,but my bios doesnt has gpu select option it has igfx and peg settings but no pci.

MY Specs

I5-2300(5 year old)

Gtx 750ti(3 years old)

8+2gb ram(2gb 5 year old,8gb is 3 year old)

120gb ssd+3*1tb hdd(1 year old and 1 hdd is 5 year old)

Corsair vs450(5 month old)

Lapcare H61 motherboard(Local)(2 month old)

When i turn on pc i can see my gpu fan is spinning normally.Pc boots fine in intel hd even when gpu is connected to motherboard but no display in gpu.Tried unistalled gpu driver in windows,disable fast boot,reset bios,disable igfx in bios,cmod battery removed and reset bios.After trying for many hours i turned every settings in bios those told as graphics,peg,....Now pc boots to nvidia and intel hd.I dont know what cause.i thinks its the problem with the motherboard as its very cheap local motherboard i cant find good i5-2300 motherboard in my country.i even restarted and shutdown multiple times no problem had occured.

Today pc only starts with intel hd graphics i have try to restarted 2-3 times for gpu to boot and again played assassin creed origins for 2-3 hours.This restart trick work for 4 times today But now pc only boot to intel hd.Please help is it problem with gpu or motherboard.I tried every thing those told in different forums even looked for gpu in device manager but i dont find any expect intel hd.

Please help normally for some problem in pc i approach nearby shop but due to corona all shops are closed i dont know when will the shop open corona cases are growing i spend most of the time in pc.PLEASE HELP!!.My country is lockdown for 21 days only 9 days are completed also i heard rumors they may increase the date of lockdown.PLEASE HELP!!

EDIT 1-I tried to boot to bios then select save and reset(so that pc reboot)after many times pc just turn off completely but still no display in gpu.So repeated this for about 30min after 3-4 complete turn off .PC turn on with gpu and intel hd detect gpu as main display and intel hd as extended .For testing Gpu i have played games again for 2 hours no problem but i am afraid to turn off the pc.So i just put the pc normally will power saving mode.i dont know what the cause of the problem is it bad motherboard??
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