Question No Display on my newly built Ryzen 5 Rig.

Jun 9, 2019
Hey guys,

So Yesterday I assembled my PC from a local shop.The PC booted normally in the shop and all the drivers were installed. After a couple of hours when I brought it home, I could hear no beep and there was No display on my TV. (connected it through a HDMI cable). I later on learnt that there was a requirement of an external motherboard speaker for the motherboard audio which I connected from my old machine.

Now the case is that I hear a single short beep first (which doesn't sound like a regular beep) and then after 7-8 seconds I hear the POSTing beep. (single short beep)

Now I'm not getting display on my TV. ( PS: I have installed it through an HDMI Cable on the GPU)

Here's a video link to the beep:

Following are my PC specs:
Processor : AMD Ryzen 5 2600
Motherboard: ASUS Prime B450M-A
Ram: Corsair Vengeance 8GB RAM 3200MHz
Ssd: Samsung EVO 860 250GB
Hdd: Seagate barracuda green 1TB
Power supply: Corsair VS550
Case: Antec DA601
GPU: Zotac 1660ti AMP edition.