Question No display output after annual system clean ?

Nov 12, 2021
So I am kind of stumped. Took my household systems outside for annual cleaning out of dust and hair using my air compressor, I do it two or three times a year. We have cats so periodic vacuuming and canned air not enough. Three of the systems had no problem besides fans on one needing to be replaced.

The problem is with this system:
MSI B-450 Pro motherboard
Ryzen 3700X
64 Gigs of g.skill DDR3200
PNY 1060 6GB video card
EVGA 750 watt power supply

When booting up the system I get no display signal to the monitor. This was tested with HDMI and DVI connectors with the current monitor.
Tried a different hdmi cable, then a different working monitor with a display port cable with no change. Tried reseating the video card and checking all the connections in the system for anything loose.

The EZcheck Led's on the motherboard do not show the card as not being detected. The video card is powered and the fans are running.
I tried swapping video cards, pulled an old gtx 450 from a system I haven't gotten around to recycling that I know works and still no display out. Not sure if the card is too old to be detected by the system but motherboard led checked out.

I removed the cmos battery to do a bios reset. Did its normal first time multi restart when building new system, checked the led's on the motherboard as they cycled and no errors there.
I could try swapping video cards with one of my current system cards but I would need to swap psu as well. I have a 3090 and a 1080 I could test with, not touching my wifes 1070ti. I have another system with the exact same motherboard running a Ryzen 2700X I could test the cpu with.

From what I can tell the system is booting into windows, corsair keyboard led profile doesn't load until its in windows and its loaded with its correct profile.
What I haven't done is moved the video card to a different pci express port, but I would have thought the LED indicator would have lit up if the card was not being detected in the main pci express slot.

I also have not changed out the power supply or tried swapping CPU's with the Ryzen 2700X system I have.
I am looking for advice on what I should proceed with on the trouble shooting, is there a step I should taking before the cpu/ power supply swap. I need to still test the 1060 in another system and see if its working correctly.

Any advice on what steps I can take would be appreciated, the motherboard and cpu are only over a year old, power supply is a few as well as the video card, got it mid to end cycle of the 2000's series cards when they were getting rid of the old cards making way for 1660's.
Thankyou in advance.