Question No display output from GPU but detected in bios [Asus strix 1070]


Jan 5, 2013
Hi all.

I saw some gridlines, checkboxes & nothing was working , so i force shutdown the pc. later 2-3 time pc boots from gpu output & last time again some gridlines appear & pc shutdowns itself. Now onwards, im not getting display output from gpu even primary display was set to PEG [pci e gfx] in bios.

GPU is detecting in bios like showing model, memory etc all but temperature is showing as 0.
PC booting via mobo display port without any issues even card is inserted & hdmi is connected to gpu.
GPU power led is ON [white], usually asus strix fans will be off until it goes to 60 celcius.
device manager showing gpu as well as intel hd gfx in display devices. but dxdiag window isn't showing gpu display, its just showing intel hd gfx.
Tried DDU. drivers are getting installed but no nvidia control panel in right click options as well as nvidia control panel is not opening if we manually search for it & tried to open it.
Speccy showing both gpu's but open hardware monitor showing only intel hd gfx but not nvidia gpu.
In task manager, its intel uhd @ gpu0. no nvidia is there.
Asus gpu tweak saying error like "unable to load vendor.dll , install vga drivers"

I changed pcie slots, unplugged & plugged all cables from psu side as well as devices side [modular psu].

i almost decided that gpu is dead but detecting in bios & power led ON makes me feel that its alive somewhere.

any help appreciated.