Question No display since enabling "Secure Boot" on B450 M2 Pro Max ?

Dec 9, 2021
Okay I know this question has probably been asked like 10 times and I've done tons of research here is my knowledge if anyone has a solution besides the ones I listed please suggest.

Like everyone else I wanted to turn on secure boot for Windows 11 and play valorant. Now when I turn on there is no display at all, no bios, no windows, NO LED DEBUG lights.

Have an Ryzen 5 3600, without integrated graphics. 5600xt. B450 PRO M2 MAX. Most likely what is happening is that something with the Secured boot is not compatible with the graphics card so nothing displays.

Do not suggest to pull the CMOS battery or reset CMOS, because this does not work because CMOS will not reset secure boot settings. Also I have tried this.

Here are the known fixes that I have found on other threads.

  • Swap with integrated CPU and deactivate secured boot that way. (I really don't want to buy a ryzen APU - last case scenario will have to go to local computer center)
  • Somehow switch to backup BIOS or flash new BIOS if your motherboard supports it. (Not possible since my MOBO is cheap).
  • Theory - Somehow turn off secured boot via BIOS blind, (most likely is booting into BIOS but unable to see at all, so if I anyoen figures out how to do this for an MSI MOBO blind please post a YT video)
  • Swap out graphics card - yea right who has extra graphics card lying around.
  • Don't update to windows 11 (if you comment this your not helpful)
Does anyone have any other suggestions, please let me know.
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Feb 10, 2022
I’ve got a similar issue to you 😭 although mine is stuck in a BIOS boot loop, until I reset BIOS !
P.S I know this isn’t helpful to your issue and hope we both get it sorted soon!