Question No display sometimes on HP slimline desktop PC.

Sep 5, 2020
Hi I am facing no display error sometimes, but it gets fixed automatically due to any of my actions which i dont know. Let me elaborate.

I faced this issue few weeks ago my PC booted up but showed nothing but i am sure that Windows boots up and Caps Lock and Num Lock keys work properly so I found a solution on YouTube that was to reseat RAM. So I did that and it worked, it happened 2-3 more times later but i did this again and it fixed.

Few weeks later i removed dust from my PC and when i powered on it same thing happened. I did reseat my RAM but it didnt work, then i exchanged their slots and it worked. One day i was working and my sister hit my PC by mistake my PC shook a bit and the display got frozen i was able to listen the music being played through my headphones but nothing on my display was changing everthing stuck right there.

About 1 or 2 days later I noticed Display driver had stopped working in the notifications i dont know when i got that. I also used to faced some sudden power offs when my PC got hit by any object and it shook a bit. Now today when i powered on my PC it gave two beeps and display had nothing. The GPU fans were running but nothing was there on display. I connected my monitor to Motherboard's VGA connection i could see display which proves that it was not caused due to any RAM issue for which i was reseating them.

I went to device manager and and saw only Microsoft Basic Display .... and same in GPU-Z app. I thought to reseat my GPU so i started removing screws of the panel which holds the PCIE cards at the back. But i didnt i only pushed the GPU inside anticipating if it got loose a bit and powered on PC and the display worked. I didnt know the exact cause and fix but it worked.

My Specs
HP Slimline 450-010IL PC
i3 4170
6GB RAM (4+2)
GT 1030
1 TB HDD 7200RPM
180W PSU 80+ Bronze by HP
My monitor has only VGA input I use a HDMI to VGA adapter to connect it to my GPU

One more thing I purchased my PC in 2015 and installed GPU in 2017 they day i installed my GPU i started having a white horizontal line appearing at the bottom only when my PC shows the HP logo at startup and it disappears when Windows starts booting. I am not getting that line right after my PC booted today but i am getting small red dots at that area you can find it in the image here View:
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1| Your computer needs a thorough cleaning.

2| If your sister was shocked when she touched your system, that indicates to me that you have a grounding issue for your house(and in essence, your room), resolve that first.

3| You're severely underpowered to use a GT1030 on a system like that. You should've had a 450W reliably built (aftermarket)PSU for that system but due to the form factor, you can't drop in an aftermarket PSU.
^ in short, #3 means, that case shouldn't be with a discrete GPU.
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