Question No Display. VGA and Boot DEBUG lights on.

Mar 19, 2021
Specs List:
GPU- Zotac RTX 3070
CPU- Ryzen 5 5600x
RAM- Corsair 16gb (2x8) 3200mhz DDR4
PSU- RM570 Fully Modular
Storage- (x2) 1tb WD HDD, 1tb TeamGroup SSD, WD M.2 500gb

I recently finished putting this PC together. All parts are brand new. Ram and GPU proved to work well with my other system.

As title says I turn on the system and all the lights and fans come on but no display. VGA & BOOT ‘EZ DEBUG’ lights come on. Here’s a list of everything I’ve tried. Everything below was done with only 1 (proven to work) stick of RAM (described in SPECS list) in the SECOND slot, No Peripherals Except Keyboard and Monitor plugged in, and the Storage Power cables plugged in (not SATA cables just the cables that go from the storage devices directly into the PSU).

Please Note: These are in no particular order. I did make sure cables were fully plugged in throughout entire process.

-(This happened to be the first thing I tried) Updating the BIOS to latest version so it’s compatible with Ryzen 5000 series. (Seemingly worked if I followed steps correctly. I can link the video I followed if it’s allowed. Let me know)
-Clearing CMOS:
Method 1: Shorting the two pins using a screwdriver for 10-15 seconds
Method 2: Removing battery and holding down power button for a minute
-Triple Checked all cables were plugged in all the way:
I had only 1 cable plugged into 3070 “daisy-chaining” to fit into both 6+2 slots.
I thought, well, before I check if I need 2 cables to run to 1 GPU (which I doubted) I thought I’d test my 1660ti, which literally only has one 6+2 Slot, and it did not work.
-Tested both 3070 and 1660ti in both PCIe slots.
-Tried the Display Port Cable (which worked fine with old system and detects when it’s plugged in just fine) in all 3 DP slots on 3070.