Question No display when pc is fully powered on [Help]


Jun 25, 2012
Hey guys, I have an issue with a build I just finished, all parts can be viewed here,

So I finished the build, made sure everything was plugged in, but I’m having a weird issue:

When the PC turns on, everything spins and functions, but there is no display out and after about 30 seconds the gpu fans stop spinning.

In order to see if that’s the reason for no display out, I unplugged the gpu entirely, restarted the build and plugged an HDMI into the motherboard, but still no display.

I plugged back in the gpu and this time just unplugged the CPU cable to see what would change and ALL the fans on the build, including the gpu, spun way faster and seemed to be receiving way more power than before.

I tried reseating the ram, cpu, graphics card, and tried redoing the cabling but still nothing is working.

Anyone know any way to attempt to fix this? I’ve built many pcs but never encountered a display issue to this extent.

Thanks to anyone who can help!

Edit: the motherboard says it supports up to 2666 MHz ram and the one I have is 3200 MHz but if I’m not mistaken it’ll automatically throttle itself anyway so I’m unsure if that could be the problem.

Also edit: Apparently the serial number of the CPU shows that it was manufactured after the update that supports 9th generation intel CPU’s



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