No display with ATI Radeon 4670 help needed


May 22, 2009
Hi, today i built my computer.

IT consists of

450W PSU
1 Disk drive
120GB Hard drive
ATI Radeon 4670 ICeq edition GPU
Phenom dual core 3 Ghz processor
M4N78-AM Asus Micro ATX motherboard

Here is the problem:

Everything seems to be turning on ok

I am using a dell monitor, however i am currently getting no display image at all when i press the on button.

The fan on the graphics card is working and im getting no bad sounds from the computer.
I have tried using the onboard graphics and im getting the same issue, no display so it cant be the graphics card itself.

I'm out of ideas here, is there something wrong with using a Dell monitor on an Asus motherboard?

i've tried 2 different Dell monitors with no help at all.

It can't be the PSU hasn't got enough power because the onboard graphics wont even give me a display picture.

Please help me solve this issue.