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Aug 8, 2018
I have an issue today where my pc does not show any display.

It was working a few hours ago and I was playing games and it was working fine but I decided to take it downstairs to the garage and take it apart to individually dust off each part.

I disconnected my GPU and dusted it with an air hose, same as ram, all the fans, motherboard, etc. I also took out my cpu and blew that off lightly then put it back. I made sure to put all parts back in carefully and now when I start it, it boots up but there is no display. It literally was working an hour ago so I know it can't be a bad monitor or cables or any bad parts because all I did was dust it off and no damage was done during that process.

It says no signal on my monitor no matter if I use dvi or hdmi and plugging it into my GPU, also tried motherboard, none worked. I've tried booting with all peripherals unplugged, ram unplugged, etc. I've tried about 10 different methods I've found on YouTube and none have fixed it. when I plug my keyboard in, it lights up, but my mouse lights up for a second then shuts off. I've tried resetting cmos, unplugging everything and replugging it in, nothing is working. any ideas?

I also want to add I originally have a cooler master v8 cooler and the cooler master fan for the cpu and when I use it and hook it up after cleaning, the pc turns on for literally 1 second then shuts off and continues that forever over and over. It actually boots once I switch it to the original Intel cooler but I've never had this issue before with any of this until I cleaned. This issue stops with the original cooler once I take out the ram but once I put it back in, there's still no display. EVERY SINGLE PART worked perfectly fine before cleaning and I'm sure I didn't break anything and it went from running games at 144 fps to not showing display in a span of an hour. help?

GTX 950
I3 8400
MSI gaming plus motherboard
EVGA 600w
Kingston 500gb SSD
WD Blue 1tb HDD
2x 4gb DDR4 Viper Ram
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