Question No display


Jan 28, 2017
So, my PC is suddenly not giving me a display. It is getting power and the case fans and GPU fans are all running, but not my CPU fan. Except when I unplug it and plug it back in, it runs for a second then stops. The computer also won't turn off with the power button, but will turn on with it. I built this PC months ago and was using it earlier today without issue, now it is suddenly not working. I've tried reseating the ram, using just one stick, using no sticks, but nothing worked. I've unplugged and removed the GPU, plugged it back in. In my experience, a pc turning on but no display has usually meant ram isn't seated right, but it seems to be clicked in all the way. I am not very good at hardware, but I'm not noticing any cables that should be plugged in that aren't. This pc was working fine a few hours ago, so this is just totally baffling me, and I'd really appreciate any help
Jun 17, 2020
I hope you have your motherboard beep speaker connecte. If no, get 1 and connect it.

Then remove all your rams and try starting up the pc, if you get no ram beep code, it could mean ram is bad or slots are ba.

But if you do get no ram beep codes, then put one ram back in and listen to error beeps.

If you still get ram error beep, then move the ram to different slots and try again.

if you keep hearing ram beep codes, it could be your cpu's fault. If you don't hear ram error codes, that could mean there is some sort of VRM damage.

Cpu fan not spinning mostly indicates VRM damage. could be 1 dead mosfet or more, could be driver IC died.