Question No DisplayPort Signal with Xiaomi Mi Curved Gaming Monitor 34" WQHD FreeSync 144 Hz ?

Jan 6, 2021
Hello people, I have a Xiaomi Mi Curved Gaming Monitor 34 "WQHD FreeSync 144 Hz monitor that I bought less than a month ago. As my current PC has a 950 for multimedia in the absence of buying the new graphics card, I have been using it with HDMI and without problem , everything great. However, now that I was going to start studying, I wanted to connect my laptop through DisplayPort, because it does not have HDMI and the monitor simply does not give a signal.

I had already seen this problem the first day but I did not give it much importance because it was not going to use it like that in that moment and I assumed it would be a matter of touching two buttons. But nothing, it does not matter if you force the source of the DP, or what you select on the computer, they detect each other but there is no signal. I have verified that it is not the cable because I tried with another monitor, it is not the computer for the same reason. Neither of the two DP ports of the monitor get signal.

The only thing that occurs to me is that being the DP 1.4 monitor, if my laptop is less than that version , maybe they are not compatible, but it is mere speculation and I have no idea or way of knowing what version of DP my laptop has. I have searched the internet and there are several people with this problem, but I have not found any solution online. I have already contacted the store where I bought it and I have left them a ticket, to see what they tell me, if it is something from the monitor, (which I do not believe) as it is under warranty they will give me a new one, but I honestly do not thinkit's that. Do you guys have any idea?