Question No DP signal on both monitors, after disconnecting them

Dec 1, 2021
The issue:

no DP signal to either of my two monitors.

Some background:

bought a new monitor stand yesterday, after disconnecting monitors from previous stand, and reconnecting after mounting to new stand, displayports get no signal on both my monitors.

HDMI works fine (on the one monitor that has an hdmi port). Monitors are PG278Q and PG278QR both 1440p.

Some insights from debugging:

- This isnt a cable issue as i've tested several cables and got the same results. Also, the ROG bootup screen shows up fine over DP, but as soon as it transitions to the Windows login screen, the signal is lost.

- DP Works fine in windows safe mode.

- Not a gpu problem, replicated the issue with an older GPU. (also everything worked fine two days ago before i disconnected the monitors)

Tested (failed) solutions:

- Unplugging monitors and PC from power, waiting 5 minutes and replugging.

- Deleting windows display cache (the registry entries from this guide).

- Removing nvidia drivers completely and clean re-installing. When drivers are uninstalled, DP works, but as soon as the driver re-installation is complete, the signal is lost again. this leads me to believe this is the source of the issue.

- Fresh installing older nvidia drivers.

- Resetting windows through pc reset.

PC specs:

win 11

rtx 3070

asus rog maximus x hero MB

corsair hx1000i psu

any help or insights would be greatly appreciated.
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Welcome to the forums, newocomer!

I'm assuming you've tried working with DDU in Safe Mode and then reinstalling the latest drivers for your Nvidia GPU using the latest sourced from Nvidia's support site, installed in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator? What BIOS version are you on at the time of writing? Source of your installer for Windows 11? Resetting doesn't do anything really, if you must, you reinstall the OS, provided the installer isn't corrupt.
Dec 1, 2021
Thank you!
i have tried everything that you mentioned, to no avail.
i'm actually currently fresh installing win 10, so ill update after that.
regarding the bios version, i updated to the most recent version from Asus website a month ago, ill try updating again i guess if installing win 10 doesnt work.
also worth mentioning i upgraded to win 11 rather then doing a clean install (but i had no issues whatsoever for quite a while now)

installed win 10, during the install process DP worked.
tried a clean install of latest nvidia drivers, as soon as they install DP is dead again.
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