Question No DVI output on GT 730

Feb 26, 2019
I bought a GT 730 yesterday and I just installed it into my TS430 server. However, when I went to fire it up, it didn't post. the fan on the GPU was turning and overall seemed like it was working but couldn't get it to display anything. however, once I went back to integrated graphics, it immediately displayed the home screen. I want the GT 730 to work and thus I come here to find a solution


Lenovo thinkserver TS430 type 411
ATX motherboard base configuration
4 GB PC3 10600 ECC
450W Hotswap PSU
4x 1TB HDD enterprise
EVGA GeForce GT 730
i3 2100

Thanks in advance
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Two particular thoughts come to mind. Either the graphics card is dead or the BIOS requires selecting the card as output. As it is, are there any utilities to check on hardware? You don't mention your OS, but I'm thinking something like Device Manager for Windows for such a thing. This would at least let you know if the system sees the graphics card even when running from the integrated graphics for display.

I'm sure others will have other suggestions.