Discussion No fans, DVD-ROM works, PC won't start


Mar 13, 2015
So yesterday I started to have occasional crashes during gaming sessions, where the screen suddenly blacks out and GPU fans go full blast (The system and other fans are still running, I can still hear the music playing fine).

I suspected that it is either GPU or PSU issue. I went ahead to open FurMark and it crashed immediately upon launch. I thought it was the GPU overheating so I cleaned it and reapplied an ample amount of paste. I also reseated the cables and connectors. It then ran FurMark perfectly for almost hour, with significantly lower temps (from 7x to 6x°C now).

I thought the issue was fixed but it crashed again, differently this time. The power light stays on but the fans stops (CPU fans, case fans etc). I have never seen it like this. I flipped the switch and let it sit for a while, now it won't boot. No power light, fans won't run but the disk drive light blinks. The disc tray will also pop out if I hit the button, as if it's working normally.
I am leaning towards the PSU (it's a 5 year old CS550M, and GPU is a Sapphire R9 270 of the same age). It's failing at the time I need it the most... What are your thoughts and opinions? Thanks!

Edit: the other components are relatively new so I think they're unlikely to be the culprit.
Gigabyte B450M Gaming (almost 1 year)
R5 3600 (almost 1 year)
WD Blue SN550 (1 month)
Teams 2x8GB 3200Mhz (1 week)
WD Green 2TB HDD (5 years old but very unlikely is the cause)
Disc drive (Many years old, unlikely?)
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