Question No FPS drops but games feel stuttery/jittery sometimes ?

Abhraneel Roy

May 29, 2014
My Pc specs are:-

Cpu - i7 12700F
Gpu - RTX 3060
Ram - 16 Gb Trident Z (3600Mhz) with XMP on (Gear 2)
Mobo - B660 Aorus Master
Psu - Cooler Master MWE Gold V2 650 W
Monitor - Acer Nitro VG240Y 75 hz with Freesync
OS = Windows 11

The issue is there is no FPS drop nor Frametime drops. I checked using Msi afterburner but sometimes the game feels jittery/micro stutters , Its very very random but happens frequently. Its not that it happens in certain areas of the game , sometimes it happens on an area but after GOING ALT TAB and returning to the game fixes the issue. Its not too much of an issue but it feels like that. Uninstalled Geforce Experience , Disabled Game Bar on windows , nothing seemed to work.
Games i tested are NFS Unbound , BF1 , World of warships , Age of empires 4.

Noticed a weird issue in Age of empires 4 , sometimes ALT tabbing , Turning on off Shadowplay or Switching boderless to fullscreen fixes the issue but after sometime it happens again.
Tried every setting possible to fix the issue in other games also but didnt work.
It is very uncertain , happens ocassionally.
I haven't tested any other games.

Enabled and Disabled G sync with FreeSync
Tried all other possibilities found in the internet , nothing Helped.
Temps fine , Clock speeds are stable , everything is fine.
Now im starting to think its a problem with my monitor.
Any help would be appreciated.