Question No gpu signal & pc case off switch doesn't work after installing new mobo, cpu, ram.

Sep 22, 2022
Recently installed a new motherboard, cpu, ram into an old build. After I installed a new BIOS with Q flash plus, the system fans and cpu fans turn on but the gpu fan just rotates about 5 degrees before stopping. There is no signal to the monitor and pressing the pc case power button does not switch the pc off.

Cpu: AMD RYZEN 5600x
Gpu: msi radeon rx vega 56
Mobo: gigabyte b550 aorus elite ax v2
Psu: EVGA supernova 650 G2 80plus gold
Ram: 2x8gb viper steel ddr4 4400mhz

Previous specs:
Cpu: Intel i5 3470
Mobo: asus pbz77-v lx
Ram: 2x4gb corsair vengeance ddr3 1600mhz

I used qflash plus with only the mobo power cable and cpu power cables connected to install the revision 1.0 F16d bios from gigabytes website.

The reason being that prior to doing this, there was no boot whatsoever. Not even fans spinning.
I'm fairly certain I did this correctly (although im not sure if the revision number is correct).

I have tried reseating the GPU.

Before changing cpu, ram, and mobo my pc was prone to freezes and blue screens (both irql not less or equal, and whea uncorrectable error) just incase that has anything to do with the new issues.

I cannot use cpu integrated graphics to check if the gpu is faulty as the 5600x does not have integrated graphics.

Any help would be much appreciated.