[SOLVED] No HDMI signal after GPU change from AMD to NVIDIA


Aug 9, 2013
Hi Everyone.

I have a very wierd problem. Yesterday I have changed my PC's GPU from Sapphire Pule RX 580 GB to a Gainward GTX 285. The reason of the change, I just borrowed the AMD one.

So before the AMD I had the GTX 285 in it, and it was working plug and play. I inserted the AMD GPU booted up, uninstalled the NVIDIA drivers, installed the AMD drivers, changed the adapter properties to 144Hz and to 10bit , and it was working without issues.

Yesterday as I had to give back the AMD GPU, I have forgot to uninstall the AMD driver and just pluged in the GTX 285 GPU. And my system boots up, but not screen. Only a message on my monitor no HDMI signal.

I was trouble shooting it, changed, the HDMI cable, changed the HDMI 1 to HDMI 2 on the monitor. Changed the DVI -> HDMI convert, but nothing has changed. Same issue. I Have tried an old NVIDIA GT 630 gpu with mini HDMI port and the same issue.

My CPU is a Ryzen 5 1600AF with no integrated GPU, so I can't use that solution. As I have no signal, I can't go to safe mode either.

Please if you have any idea, help me out.
reset the BIOS of the motherboard by jumper

all power cables plugged into the GPU?

did you plug in the video cable into the GPU and not the motherboard´s HDMI port?


Sep 20, 2020
I agree with @helpstar But I would also try removing the cmos battery for 5-10 minutes then putting it back in. If this doesn’t work then try a different Drive in the pc and see if it displays, if so then it’s probably a driver issue