Question No hdmi signal after installing chipset driver - mobo flashed CPU

Feb 1, 2022
I've run out of options with the little knowledge I have and can't find a way to solve this issue (specs below)

I just finished assembling a new pc and installed windows - all is fine and the machine is running perfectly.
I then went on the MSI site to download the required drivers starting from the amd chipset, but after rebooting now I am left without video as the hdmi is not picking up any signal.
The mobo is also flashing me an issue with the CPU and I think the driver made a mess (not sure if out of date or what, I just downloaded the one I found for my model and run the install)

Thing is, without a working monitor i cannot even flash the bios or try to reinstall windows - I can't do a thing and i'm really scrapping the barrel.
I've seen similar posts where they went around this with a fresh windows re-install or backtracking on the driver update, but I am unable to run previous drivers or even reinstall windows from scratch as I cannot see anything on the screen.

i'm really lost and cannot find a solution - I also have a ticket on the msi support space but no reply so far.
Can someone here please help me out??

Thanks in advance!

ryzen 7 3800x
32g ram
1tb nvme
monitor is a 22'' Full HD (1920 x 1080) Monitor 60 Hz

Happy to provide other details if it helps
Feb 1, 2022
Thanks for your reply!

Not really, I tried smashing delete to see the bios show buy while the machine turns on and runs fine I cannot see anything on the monitor.

Any port I try give me "no hdmi signal" so I can't confirm that the system is entering the bios

Not sure if that fully answers your question tho