Question No HDMI signal and blurry screen


Aug 29, 2017
I've recently built a PC and found myself facing two weird issues. It was running an i7-9700 using its integrated 630 graphics.
One: I plugged an hdmi cable to the mobo. Installed windows with it. After a few seconds of idling at desktop, no video output. Windows output at least, because there was a flickering black screen that stopped when I unplugged the hdmi. After this, every time I tried to boot up using hdmi, video output only lasted through motherboard manufacturer logo screen. Decided to format ssd to reinstall windows to see if that solved the issue. It didn't. Switched to a VGA. Updated all the integrated graphics driver and tested the hdmi again, flickering black screen one more time. Am I missing something here?

Two: After updating all drivers, windows just looked blurry, kinda foggy. Looked it up in some forums and couldn't find any answer. It's like Windows upscales 720p image to 1080p screen. Any reason as to why this may be?