Question No HDMI signal on external monitor

Jan 24, 2022
Hello Everyone,

I'm using a rather old Lenovo Yoga 13 Ideapad laptop with Windows 10, which uses Intel HD Graphics HD 4000 on-board graphics card . I want to connect an external monitor via HDMI to my laptop and all of my efforts were to no avail, all I get is just a "No HDMI signal" notification.

Prior to my question, the HDMI cable is not faulty and the monitor is brand-new and it works instantly with another laptop. So I made myself sure that issue is not the cable nor the monitor.

The problem is, when i connect the monitor to my laptop, windows does not detect the external monitor. When booting into windows, the monitor shows windows logo and the just after that( i think whenever the intel driver loads) the monitor says "no HDMI signal" and goes to stand-by mode. The monitor works like a charm in safe mode or when i uninstall the VGA driver and use the laptop with the Windows Basic Display adapter. So i assume a hardware fault with the HDMI port is also not the case.

For months, I've tried countless solutions and suggestions that I found over the internet. I have tried unistalling/installing/updating the VGA driver both using the manifacturer's drivers and the Intel's drivers. I also updated the driver through Windows 10 update feature. I even have tried a few old versions of the VGA drivers, updating BIOS, fiddled with the BIOS and UEFI boot settings, disabling Windows fast startup feature, plugging/unplugging the power/HDMI cables with all combinations, toggling between the monitors with the F10 key, duplicating/extending monitor displays etc. etc.

Windows does not detect the external monitor when I click "detect" in display settings and it does nothing when i click "define" But somehow, I can tell that windows knows that i plugged an external monitor because it shows both monitors in the same rectangle as "1I2" in display settings. Also, in advanced display settings, I can see both monitors in the dropdown list as "Display 1-Internal Display" and "Display 2-Monitor"

I am out of ideas and solutions and totally desperate about this issue. I can admit that the situation evolved something into a "matter of pride" because I have never been this hopeless about solving a problem that i faced with my computers. I not even %100 sure about what causes the problem.

Deep in my heart, I truly believe someone will come with a solution, just as Gandalf shows up with the Rohirrim at first light on the fifth day :)

Thanks in advance
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