[SOLVED] No idea how to connect my new coolermaster argb fans to my x370 board so that i can sync up lighting


Jan 31, 2015
So I recently bought a new case (Coolermaster TD500 crystal) and it came with 3 preinstalled argb fans. After installing all my parts and connecting the mini argb controller to my psu and such, I noticed that my new case fans are just kind of doing their own thing and I could not really get them to match my motherboard's colour/effects (The case fans are constantly on the breathe effect which is driving me insane).
I did a bit of research and found that my motherboard (the MSI X370 gaming pro carbon) comes with an ARGB header that has 4 pins and I located it on the board, HOWEVER the coolermaster splitter cable that all of the case fans' rgb connects to does not seem to fit into the argb header on my board. The splitter cable seems to have designated cables for MSI or gigabyte brand boards, but the MSI cable does not fit as it has a different design (an arrangement with 2 holes for the header followed by a filled hole where another hole should be and then another actual hole for the 4th pin)
The gigabyte part of the splitter cable seems to only have 3 holes and I'm wondering if i could connect that one to my board and just have the 4th pin of the argb header left out of it. The design of the gigabyte part of the splitter cable does seem a bit chunky though so I'm not sure if it would fit with an unused pin on the header as the plastic of the cable might be too thick to properly fit between the 4th pin and the other 3.
My apologies if my descriptions are confusing, but I would appreciate any advice/help whatsoever.
your mainboard doesnt have ARGB connector, its RGB only
This connector supports 5050 RGB multi-color LED strips (12V/G/R/B) with the maximum power rating of 3A (12V). Please keeping the LED strip shorter than 2 meters to prevent dimming.
ARGB is using 5volts...so even if u manage to connect it, something will burn