[SOLVED] No Internet Access Message


Aug 7, 2009
Good day all. I hope I have placed this in the proper category. I am sorry if it is not. Anyways here it goes....

Hardware Info: PCs and laptops (various models) running Windows 10 LTSB 2016 64-bit. Also, we use IPrism web filter each user must authenticate through.
Network: Domain using Cisco routers, switches and a Cisco Iron Port firewall.
Issue: We constantly see the "no internet access" message in the lower right corner when you hover your cursor over the network icon. This occurs even after authenticating through IPrism.
Completed so far: I have contacted IPrism and it appears nothing is wrong with that box. I have updated NIC drivers, updated the BIOS, ensured the user is authenticated, ran numerous CMDs, and ran the Windows 10 network trouble shooter. Nothing has worked. Having stated that, some of the users will notice the message change to "internet access" after an hour or so of the PC being authenticated. There is no consistency in any of it.

The reason we need this message to go away is outlook online references whatever controls that message. If "no internet access" shows, you can't setup the mailbox. A user can authenticate through IPrism and do everything else online, but that. Once a mailbox is set up, the message is no longer referenced by the software and it doesn't matter what the message says, as far as I can tell. I am at a loss. Any suggestions will be looked into!