No Internet Acess


So my i've been using WIFI for a long time w/ my PC and everything has been working fine (relatively, i still have to enter my WiFi password every time i sign in... but whatever).
I recently ran a Cat 5e cable to my PC, that my backups and ect. to my server wouldn't take so long.
But, it doesn't seem to want to connect.
When i go to 'Network and Sharing Center' it says:
Unidentified Network
Access Type: No Internet
Connections: Local Area Connection.
I've tried resetting the TCP/IP ( to no avail.
I've plugged other devices into the cable, and they seem to work, so thats not the problem.
The computer doesn't show up as one of the connected devices in the router.

My computer is:
AMD: Athlon 64 X2 5200+ 2991 MHz
Mobo: Gigabyte M57SLI-S4 v.2
RAM: 4GB Mushkin DDR2 PC2-6400
OS: Win 7 64bit
VC: Geforce GTX 470
i have the latest nForce, mobo, GPU, ect. drivers available.

any help would be appreciated


Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::883:c09b:1351:cc66%15
Autoconfiguration IPv4 Address. . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
You're getting an autoconig IP which means the PC is not talking to the DHCP server.

If other devices can get a good IP off the same cable, try to re-install the network card drivers. Then try setting the IP manually using the settings from one of the other devices. Just make sure to give it a unique IP number, gateway, dns, wins should all be the same though.

Failing that, can get a cheap network card and try that.


i've tried setting the IP address
does this mean, as i feared, that my motherboard LAN is dead?
I don't have room to add a LAN card w/o taking out something (i suppose i don't use the TV Tuner that much anymore, since cablevision will only let my view channels 2-13 on it)


Jan 10, 2012
Just make sure to give it a unique IP number, gateway, dns, wins should all be the same though.