No Internet with SP2...



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Hey I just recently installed SP2 onto my Dell 9100 Laptop and it was working
great on the internet until I restarted my computer..That is when the
problems hit.

I am now unable to connect to the internet but my Wireless connection is
enabled and running fine, but it seems that it is now assigning me a local IP
address...which my brother tells me is not what is suspose to happen, and is
probably the reason why I can't connect to the internet anymore.

So he told me to de-install the service pack, which I did and the problem
still continued. We tried a plethra of things but to no avail and he looked
at it for a while and then kind of quit so I dont know whats going on really
so I thought I would come on here and ask around..

So if you need any certain specs of my Wireless router or ethernet card let
me know..i'll just ask my brother..because I have no idea what half of the
stuff is when it comes to networking material.

~Thanks, Chris.


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Ok so I just also did a system restore on my laptop back to Monday with no
avail.. Still has the same problems. It's really odd.