Oct 25, 2002
My sister lived in the UK for 1year, and she complained to me that she couldn't get on the internet, Well what she forgot to mention to me is that she installed Wanadoo's software so she can get on the internet In the UK. Well it did nothing but screw up her computer.
I tried uninstalling the software, but the wanadoo symbol was still in the web browser and it was still preventing me to from getting on the internet. I installed Mozilla on her computer and I still couldn't get online.
Before my sister crossed the pond I upgraded her harddrive, and did all the windows updates using the internet.
I tried restoring it as far back as I could, but it still didn't help. I tried sending an email to Wanadoo but they didn't reply. :x

I don't like repairing computers anymore, so getting me to reformat a harddrive is like asking me to pull my own teeth out. I hate it!


Apr 24, 2002
Wow! There are certainly issues flying around here. Must be a hell of a back story for that much venom. I hope you feel better.

As to your sister's machine, your assessment about reformatting and starting over is accurate. But it's really not that bad. Two hours should take care of the whole process from reformat to XP being all patched up and protected. Good luck.