No IPv6 Connectivity. IPv4 working fine. HELP!


Jan 22, 2012
Hi Guys,

For some reason, overnight, my PC seems to have lost IPv6 connectivity. It was working fine last night when I was playing online games but this morning I can't use Chrome, Firefox or any of my online PC games. Internet Explorer still works.

The local area connection status shows IPv4 Connectivity: Internet IPv6 ConnectivityL: No Internet Access

Google Chrome error message indicates it is having DNS issues.

My PS3 and my wife's laptop still work fine on the same LAN network which leads me to believe it is a PC configuration issue.

As for steps I've already tried

- Restart / Turn On/Off PC
- Update Network adapter drivers
- Flushing DNS through cmd prompt
- Google public DNS didn't work either (Couldn't even do a trace route to the address)

I'm on a University network so I do not have access to any modems or routers. However since other computers and my consoles seem to be working on the same network I'm thinking it is a configuration issue in the PC itself though I changed nothing from last night to tonight.

Any suggestions or ideas on how I could fix this?



Jan 6, 2014

Open advanced setup on your router, go to IPv6 setting and change Internet Connection Type to 6to4 Tunnel. Restart you modem and router, go to Works fine for me.