Question No keyboard with Mechanical KB on KVM

James LaBarre

Apr 5, 2013
I have two dual-boot systems on a KVM switch, with KB, mouse and audio switching. The KVM used to work with a membrane KB, but now with the mechanical, it no longer works under MSWin10. The connections and such are completely functional in BIOS, the GRUB2 menu, and Linux (Mint 19.3 currently). But under MSWin10, nothing on either system.

From what I've read (some on this site) there's a problem where MSWin does some polling for the KB, and if it doesn't see anything itdisables the KB. Is there a way to disable polling and make MSWin presume the keyboard is there, and just take the input? After all, it's working perfectly fine under my primary OS (Linux), so why should I have to return to a lesser KB for the one time every 3 or 4 weeks I boot to MSWin? Yes, I'm shopping around for a different KVM (a powered one with more ports, and perhaps DVI rather than VGA, but still capable of VGA with the appropriate cable) but until I find one that fits what I'd want, MSWin should be forced to behave itself.