No longer a complete noob, still got questions...


Oct 26, 2007
Okay, first, let's get to know the machine:

P5E Deluxe (Intel X48) [xfire compatible]
4 x 2GB Wintec AmpX DDR2-800
Core2Duo E8400 (3.0GHz)
Radeon HD 4850
Zalman CNPS9600 (the big copper ball, i think that's the right number)

Great little beast let me tell ya. 3.6GHz @ FSB400, no Vcore mod, low to mid 50's (Celsius) at load, not even testing the ram yet. no trouble 24h Orthos stable.


Anyone got any time with Asus' AI Suite, specifically the AI Gear3? I've got it configured well enough, where it ranges from about 1.8 (300x6) at idle to 3.2 (350x9) at load, which is fine and all, but I know it can do more. I just can't figure out how to tell AI Gear that.

Another matter that may affect going to FSB400 live is that for some reason my mobo gets the ram freq's screwed up at 400, and goes one ratio up or something. Set fsb333, ram800, and when one oc's to fsb400 the ram goes to 967. At fsb399, the ram stays at 800 lol. Does this mean i would have to 'underclock' my ram (fsb333, ram667) before trying to make it automatic? (I am fairly certain that my ram cannot operate at 967MHz DDR2 lol.)

Finally, does anyone have any experience with this ram? What upper goal should I set for this stuff without overvolting it? Good ol' mentioned it in a few articles, and I got a screamin' deal for 'em, so now I'd like to see what they're worth...

Any other tips that you gurus got would be welcome too :)



Jun 18, 2008
OK, regarding the AI software stuff: don't use it. BIOS is the be all and end all.

next, the RAM divider sounds like it's set on auto. manually configure it for 1:1 ratio. that will make your RAM at 667mhz when 333fsb, and 800MHz when 400fsb.

also, is there such a thing as a CNPS9600? or do you mean the popular (in its day) 9700LED?


Nov 5, 2006
If you can, try underclocking your RAM while attaining a 1:1 ratio, and also tighten the timings more.

Right now I have 4gb of DDR2-800 ram running at 740mhz in 1:1. I couldn't get tighter than 4-4-4-12, but it still runs better than ~900mhz 5-5-5-15.