'No Man's Sky' 1.3 Update Adds Portals, Improves Story Elements

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Mar 26, 2002
"Improved story elements"... since the game originally had no real story elements, I guess anything is better than nothing. Up until now the game 'story' was basically the equivalent of reading the books in Skyrim. Information was provided that was somewhat connected to the game but really had no meaning wrt gameplay. There was some pointless thing about going to the center of the galaxy - that had zero effect on gameplay. There was some pointless thing about weird geometric shapes in space that you had to find... that had no effect on gameplay. There were some locations on the ground that would have artifacts you could find but didn't really mean anything. The game didn't really have a story at all... and if it had cost $12 I'd have been happy with just the survival thing, but i didn't just cost $12.


Dec 13, 2011
People still play this?

Wasn't it basically a glorified single player Minecraft game where you had to keep upgrading the space ship to get to the center of the universe??


Jan 23, 2012
I've actually gotten a lot of enjoyment out of this game. It is rough having to wing it all the time and gather resources to keep yourself going, but over all it is both interesting and rewarding.

I guess I'm part of the minority, but I really do like the game. It feels like really exploring space. It is mostly empty, nothing makes sense, and you can pretty much just gather, upgrade, and fly on to your hearts content. There are still things to discover, and as long as they keep adding more I'll be happy with the experience.
I guess I feel similar about Skyrim. I'll load up a game just to walk around mindlessly hacking and slashing because it helps me unwind. It doesn't matter that there's no novel content after beating the game and exploring pretty much everything unique.
I thoroughly enjoyed NMS. I didn't finish it though. I liked the trippy colors, varying worlds, shooting down ships, and doing that jetpack dash around a planet was oddly satisfying.

Update isn't live yet on GOG. Edit: And updated, might check it out.


Jan 17, 2014
Respect for the devs for not abandoning the game like others do (ME:A anyone?). After 3 big updates i can safely say that the game is worth every penny now and more big updates are coming.

There ARE story elements beyond the amnesia slash tutorial aspect. I have not played a version prior to this update but you do meet someone and get steps on how to help them which is new.

That does not mean it is an excellent story, but saying it has story elements is accurate.
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