Question "No Man's Sky" graphical bug? My gpu limitations? Could someone explain the cause if possible?

Aug 9, 2020
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I started having this black stuff about 4 days ago. It occurs at times when summoning minotaur or when landing on frigate, and recently in my base. Is this my gpu reaching its limit or the game. I don't experience it in any other game. BTW i have a gtx 960 2gb, run at enhanced settings(medium), cpu ryzen 5 1600 3.2Ghz, 16gb 2400 Mhz ram. I dont care much about fps as long as it is above 20.

my dxdiag.

Crash dump from the day before. might be unrelated.
Hi there,

Are you OC'ing your GPU? This can sometimes cause issues like that if the overclock is not stable.

Have you tried different in game graphical settings? Same result?

Updated drivers for your system? This is always a good idea.