Question No matter what I do my laptop keeps crashing/ freezing after about 5 mins of playing any game


Jul 1, 2018
It's getting on my nerves how much I have been trying to fix this crap of a laptop

After a min of playing any game the screen always turns into random colors and freezes .Sometimes it's not colored but black screen or blue screen of death. Accompanied with loud buzzing sound of short loop of the sound that was playing before the crash. This is an example of how it looks sometimes (not mine but looks similar) the color of the crash screen depends on what I was doing previously . It doesn't restart or anything it just freezes with weird screen and the only thing I can do is turn it off by force (holding power button)

Things I tried:

Sent it to a local shop twice to get cleaned from inside and replaced thermal paste. This helped for a few days but it happened again

Uninstalled the graphics driver and reinstalled it several times from several locations (uninstalled it from device manager once, other times from driver uninstaller software)

For reinstalling sometimes I leave the windows update to install the driver itself or I download the drivers from this website sometimes I select my specific gpu drivers or download the auto detect and install drivers - None of these helped in anything

Also tried restoring to default bios settings

For some days it rarely crashes but for these coupe of days it crashes the first minute of playing any game
Sometimes after a reboot it doesn't crash but it's insanely slow, the game's fps goes 5 fps but it doesn't crash. So it either crashes or gets really slow

I am starting to guess that the gpu is beginning to fail but not sure, so what do you think? And please don't tell me to buy a new laptop.
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