No media flash drive


Aug 27, 2012
my usb drive doesnt work..

right now im on windows 7, it came broke from a vista computer, and i've tested it on an XP sp3 computer.

windows see its, recognizes it.. gives it a label and calls it media, but it has 0mb of capacity.
clicking on it yields "please insert disk into D:".

I have changed the volume letter, and tried to change the volume name..
i have tried to use various recovery tools, all of which detect no media.
I have attempted to format the drive with multiple tools, all of which discover no media.
of course all windows disk management tool are of no use.

disk : disk 1
Type : Removable
Status : no media
partition style : MBR
capacity : 0mb
unallocated : 0mb
Reserved : 0mb

This drive has all of her final papers for this semester, its important.

Its a Kingston 8gb flashdrive.


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