[SOLVED] No mic detected Windows 10


Mar 25, 2013
Boys and girls, having a bit of a Windows 10 specific issue (what a surprise).

Got a headset (Razer Kraken Pro v2, not that it matters I don't think) which my Windows 10 laptop refuses to recognise the mic from. With the headset plugged in via 3.5mm I can hear audio coming through perfectly, but any input on my end comes through the laptop mic, which is literal aids for anyone listening on the other end the second I move the laptop in anyway etc. As a side note this other headsets have worked in the past.

I've already confirmed that the mic isn't dead, it worked fine on my Windows 7 PC and I just tested it on my phone, also works 100%. I've tried basic ****

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like checking input devices and reinstalling drivers (Realtek). I've also confirmed that my privacy settings allow the OS to use the mic, and for just about every app just to be safe. I've enabled/disabled every audio related device in device manager. Restarted a dozen times.
I've essentially done the entire first page of Google and more when you search 'windows 10 headset mic not detected' lol.
I have niggling feeling it's since the most recent major Windows update but not certain.

Any ideas?
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Have you inspected the 3.5 mm laptop port with a bright flashlight to ensure that there is no debris obstructing the plug into the port?

Have you tried another headset with a known working microphone on your laptop?

Does the problem continue/remain?

Try using a 3.5 mm F-M extension cable between headset cable and laptop 3.5mm laptop port.

The idea being to change/alter the physical fit of the headset plug into the port.