Question No Mouse & Keyboard input after using second PCI-E x16 slot

Jan 31, 2021
Hello peeps, i am not very tech savvy so i hope i can explain exactly what my issue is. I have a piece of hardware i am trying to boot up with and it sits in my second PCI-E 16 slot . The problem i am having is my keyboard and mouse just do not work when I get to the Login screen for windows (i can access the BIOS and the lights on the keyboard work) when this hardware is in. When i turn the PC off and remove it, i don't have this problem.

I have been told elsewhere that it could be my M.2 SSD clashing with this somehow? My GFX card is sitting in my other x16 slot.

Ive tried booting up without them plugged in and then inserting them at the login screen.

Ive disabled and enabled various settings in the BIOS.

Legacy mode on and off.

Different keyboard and mouse and different USB ports

I just can't get my keyboard and mouse to work when this is inserted.

My motherboard is the Asus-Z390-P
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