No network connection, suspect malware.


Jan 18, 2012
Running Windows 7 Home Premium, Dell OEM install

The symptoms are:

No wifi connection, adapter does not show in dev manager. It is just missing, scan for new hardware doesn't find it.

Will not connect via internet access.

It will not renew or release its IP address, says there is no device in permissible state for this operation.

The computer had obvious malware, there were a bunch of sketchy items in the startup. I ran several malware tools, they found and removed hundreds of items. The computer had an expired installation of Trend Micro, I removed that and used the removal tool from Trend to be sure it was gone. I do not know if it has had other security software installed in the past, I ran Norton and McAfee removal tools since those come on most PCs.

I have tried resetting winsock and TCP/IP, to no avail.

I know I need to probably reinstall wifi drivers to get the card back, but that's next after I solve the overall connectivity issues. If this were my PC I would have just Re-OSed by now, and I may just suggest that to him...but that's kinda like giving up.

Any ideas?