No New 'Assassin’s Creed' Game For 2016, Says Ubisoft

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Yeah, I got really interested in seeing the story end, but then they just watered it down to keep things going.

I couldn't keep playing every game, and especially with no end in site I just said the heck with it.

Maybe someone will put together the cut scenes when/if the story ever finishes. Maybe it even did finish, I wouldn't know as I gave up after AC3 (so I've played FIVE of them on PC, and with the side scrollers and smaller titles that's over TEN so far I think).


Feb 27, 2015
I really enjoyed AC from the first one and went on to play the next 3 or 4 but they overdid it and it lost it's luster for me. In the end though, its all about having choices in games to play so as long as they can pump out sequels and be profitable, so be it.


Aug 5, 2009
they were killing the franchise by having one every year. this was a story driven game unlike call of duty or battlefield
meh, personally, i would like them to make assassins creed just a sandbox game and forgo the game to game story (the "real world" parts, if they are even still doing that)

give me a time period, assassination targets, and let me have at it in a self contained story, or at worst, what they did with 2 brotherhood and one after it, where they made 3 games with the same character... quality aside from the last one.


getting rid of the present day story in assassin's creed would be like getting rid of guns from call of duty. the present day part even though they have been garbage for a few games is a big part of the games image and what has made it successful. but everyone knows if they were going to stop making AC games they should have stopped with AC3 which ended the 2012 story line. black flag and rouge had the worst present day stories followed by unity and now they are going in a different way with syndicate which i found was pretty good



Sep 6, 2009
about time they stopped this BS.

the first one was revolutionary.

the second was was immersive, very interesting story.

the third one still had good story.

blackfag had the best gameplay, poor story.r ather WTF story. butt I enjoyed it the most with the ship bttles.

and after that I stopped. unity was so bad i stoped playing after 2 hours

the latest one I stopped after 40 minutes.


This sort of news was what I was waiting for all along. I can yet recall where people went mad trying to learn if a sequel was coming out for the first Assassin's Creed game and after the release of sequel's in quick succession the franchise seemed more like what we've grown to appreciate as repetitive gameplay found commonly in COD, Battlefield and in some of EA's titles sans the minor bits and bobs in the game engine. More of a whack a mole in the gaming world - it get's dull after multiple attempts.

This breather should help the dev's to rethink their release and content strategy and bring back the anticipation factor for us, the end users, to feel our money during the holidays was well spent.
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