Question No output from GPU after reapplying thermal paste and switching 6-pin to molex adapter wire ?

Mar 5, 2021
I was just playing rocket league once when I heard some muffled audio and the monitor got no signal but I was hearing everything and the pc was on. I powered off it and turned it back on, everything was fine until I opened up Minecraft for 5minutes and it did the same thing again. Every time I opened a game it did that so I thought maybe it was overheating and opened the pc and gpu and reapplied new thermal paste.

I did a really bad job and i got a bunch of it on the sides of the metal thingy. I put it all back and found out that my molex to 6pin adapter was burnt. I ordered a new one of 2x sata to 6-pin connected it and the pc turned on the gpu as well but this time the monitor didn’t even get boot up screen and the whole pc was working. The fans were also at full speed. I did some research and tried cleaning around the gpu where I spilled the thermal paste and this’ll time the only difference was that the fans weren’t at full speed other than that i got no signal


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With all things said and done, can you mention the specs to your build. Please list the specs to your build, like so:

Age of the PSU you're using? If the PSU doesn't have the necessary connectors for your components, you're either using the wrong PSU or the components are too new for the PSU. Might want to shoot us a picture of what you mean by the metal thingy. You can also remove thermal paste with the aid of a q-tip and isopropyl alcohol, so long as you don't get thermal paste inside the CPU socket.
Mar 5, 2021
CPU:Core i3 9th gen
Motherboard:Gigabyte ultra durable motherboards h3910m or something
Ram: 8gb ddr4 hyper fury ram
SSD/HDD: Seagate barracuda 240gb ssd
GPU: a used gtx 550ti by msi
PSU: salpido atx-500w switching power supply my psu has enough power to support my gpu it just didn’t come with a cable.
Chassis: Armageddon micro atx case
OS: windows 10

Also that metal thingy is the thing that’s there once you remove the gpu cooler like right below the cooler where u put thermal paste I got some of it spilled on the green circuit board like next to it

Thx for the help :D(y)
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