No outputs to monitor or usb, no bios loading


Feb 18, 2012
My main computer has once again gone on the fritz. I've had issues with the old power supply and now i believe my motherboard may have died as well.

When i turn on computer, lights turn on and fans spin but no outputs happen. The usb mouse and keyboard do not light up and the monitor acts as if the PC is not powered on.

My power supply is barely a month old but i have noticed the switch on it will no longer click it off, i will be taking it back for a replacement.

When components are plugged in, the motherboard has a right light on it that flashes slowly, it did the same when my graphics card was playing up due to a dead fan. This light is next to a sign that says DRAM

I have removed all connectors from the PSU except to the board itself, there are no beeps upon powering up, nothing to suggest the bios is being loaded.

I can't tell what board it is exactly as i cant see it written on it, but i know it's an ASUS model from around June 2010.

I suspect the board may be dead but would love the input of others to help me figure out what has gone wrong.