Question No PC display output after installing new fans and SSD

Jan 23, 2021
I recently tried to install a new SSD and fans (Corsair SP120 pro) into my pc. However, after booting my PC there is no display to my monitor, and the light on the power button has stopped working (case is NZXT Phantom 410). The fans and the RGBs, RGB on the ram, the CPU cooler, and the GPU fans work. My keyboard also lights up after about 20 seconds of booting the PC, but my mouse has stopped working and refuses to light up. The EX Debug LED on the motherboard (MSI X570 G+) is on a solid right light too.

I have tried unplugging the new SSD and the fans to see if they were conflicting with my PC, but my PC still refuses to output a display. I’ve also tried different display port cables/hdmi cables and a different monitor. I’m worried that I may have accidentally knocked something while installing the new components, but I’m almost certain I didn’t.