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No PC input in LED TV Samsung

My first thought was that DVI and HDMI outputs were so common now that the TVs didn't need D-Sub input anymore, but then I remembered that there are laptops and onboard video that only have D-Sub output. Have you tried asking Samsung directly?

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Jun 14, 2011

ya i did called Samsung support

and what they state is that most graphic cards have DVI outputs, and one can use a DVI HDMI cable

but yes probably they have not given thought to the fact that most Laptops do have D-Sub ?

i think Samsung is getting too busy making and selling Android Phones :lol:


Oct 30, 2012
i work for a large multinational company with 1000's of employes globally, and were looking at installing Samsung LED's in our conferencing rooms, but unfortunately most of our staff are using laptops with VGA D-Sub connections so we are now looking at other makes of TV.
I think Samsung have adopted the new technologies a little bit to quickly and the rest of the world hasn't caught up yet.

But looking at forums there are loads of complaints about connection problems with VGA to laptops, so maybe they just removed the connection to stop people from complaining. :pfff:

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