Question No POST All fans and lights on and peripheral lights on || EZ DEBUG Shows VGA ?


Jul 24, 2018
Pc Components :
GTX 1050ti 4gb (currently using a 750ti because of issue listed below)
Corsair Vs550 Series 550W Atx Psu
MSI A320M Pro VD plus motherboard
Ryzen 5 2600 CPU
2*8gb sticks of generic 2666 ddr4 ram

My Issue :
With the 1050ti everything looks normal while its booting , all the fans turn on all the lights and all my peripheral lights turn on and it looks it shoulds be on except its not posting and I have no video signal and ez debug shows "VGA" and stays like that until I turn it off
My PC works perfectly with 750ti
The 1050 ti works perfectly in brother's computer ( he played games for a week using my card with no issues)

What I've tried :
Reseating everything
Clearing Cmos
Booting with 750ti and using DDU to completely uninstall drivers
Using a Different Power Supply (Generic 450 watt )
Everything in this post :
Updating bios

What came close
After using DDU , i booted into safe mode with the 1050ti and I got a successful boot , i started installing my graphics drivers and it died half way through .

I've been using this pc now for 2 years with no issues until just recently and the 1050ti works perfectly in another system and the 750ti works perfectly in this system

And help or suggestions would be much appreciated
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Boot into Safe Mode: Look in Reliability History for error codes and warnings that are GPU related.

Go to the manufacturer's website and directly/manually download the drivers for your 1050ti.

Reinstall and reconfigure. No third party software or utilities to do so.