No POST and GPU fan at full speed


Dec 22, 2012
This morning I was playing a game on my pc for about 30 mins when the display disappeared. I tried to hold the power button down to turn it off but it didn't work so had to unplug the cord. Thought I'd look inside the pc and found a AA battery resting on the back of the GFX card . And looks like the battery had got hot and started to leak out over the card and a tiny bit on the mobo .Serves me right for leaving the side panel off I guess .

I've now took all the components out and made a breadboard setup without the gfx card in and onboard video. But the mobo doesn't POST at all. Just powers up and fans spin.
With the gfx card in the mobo still doesn't POST but after 3 seconds the gfx card fan hits full speed.

Now I'm guessing the board and gfx are dead an really hope nothing else has died too. Can anyone help me out here

Asrock G31M-S
Quad Q6600
EZcool 550w PSU
8800 GTX 768mb


Mar 15, 2012
OOH i know how that feels. im thinking the GPU is deff dead D: especially when fans go full speed it means either overheating or it is already fried. in your case i would say already fried. i dont understand how your MOBO doesnt post, or how it got damaged in this. do the motherboard fans also spin up to full speed? if so i would deffinatley return they are both dead. but you can try sending the mobo to manufacturer for testing or replace, you can claim it happened on its own. the video card though if it has acid on it dont even try.

Best of Luck,

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